Gum Grafts

Sometimes gums can receed away from where they are supposed to be.  This results in a longer looking tooth as the root becomes more and more exposed.  Exposed roots are not desireable since they can be more prone to getting cavities, they can be very sensitive to cold and hot, and they may affect the appearnace of your smile.  

Gums can receed for many reasons but the most common are untreated gum disease and improper toothbrushing techniques.  Luckily there are ways to improve or totally corect gum recession.  Gum grafting is a very succesful procedure where a small piece of gum tissue is obtained from the top of the mouth and transferred to the area where gum is missing.  Usuually complete healing occurs within 6 weeks and the new tissue is very well colored matched and healthy.  The overall esthetic apperance of yoru smile and the health of the tooth can be greatly improved.  

Dr. Sarosh Dastoor works very closely with your referring doctor in coordinating and communicating about your gum graft appointments.

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