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 Sarosh F. Dastoor, D.M.D., M.S.

 Board-Certified Periodontist

Tel: 281-890-4867 (GUMS)

Tooth Extractions

Sometimes teeth have to be removed, or extracted, if they have problems.  The most common problems are large cavities, fractures, and gum disease.  In order to prevent a dental infection or other problems, your dentist may reccomend that such teeth be removed and replaced.  Dental extractions are performed pain free and if there is any postoperative soreness at all, it should only last for a couple of days.  Dr. Dastoor provides many sedation options so that your visit for a tooth extraction can be as anxiety-free as possible.  

Dr. Sarosh Dastoor works very closely with your referring doctor in coordinating and communicating about your dental extraction appointments. 

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